Making Enemies Creating Conflict: Pakistan's Crises of State and Society

Edited by Zia Mian & Iftikhar Ahmed

It is increasingly common to ask whether Pakistan will survive its next fifty years?  Of course it will, for the land and the people who live on it shall always remain.  The real question is: will  we  survive  with  or   without  dignity, and if the former then how?

Mashal has held a number of discussions in Lahore and Islamabad on Issues of Peace and Conflict in Pakistani Society.  This book is the outcome of a seminar to which   thoughtful people  of  intellect  and integrity were invited for a  discussion for two days in Islamabad.

Price: Rs. 200




Both India and Pakistan have celebrated their power to annihilate each other's populations. But now that the wild and mindless jubilation that followed the tests of May 1998 has vanished, their citizens need to soberly examine exactly where they stand, and where lies the future. In this book the reader will find a compilation of critical essays that analyze the various dimensions of the sub-continental nuclear issue. Also included are a number of purely informational documents -- chronologies of missile and nuclear developments, the technology of nuclear weapons, their effects on humans, what international treaties such as the CTBT and FMCT mean for us, and so on.

Price Rs. 200

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